Jennie Discusses BLACKPINK’s Struggles From When They Were Trainees

It was a challenging time for all the members

BLACKPINK has been making international headlines lately for their viral performance at Coachella and for their “In Your Area” world tour.

But before their debut, they had trained for years at YG Entertainment, refining their singing, dancing and rapping for the chance to become an idol. An interview with Jennie has resurfaced where she discusses how nerve-wracking her trainee experience had been.

Jennie was asked on what she thought of monthly evaluations. Her response was chilling.

Monthly evaluation? Monthly evaluation … oh … it was a really mean and cold-hearted world

— Jennie

All of the debuted groups of YG Entertainment have talked about how difficult the trainee period was. Being part of a company with such a huge resume of talent can certainly be daunting.

Jennie discusses the immense number of skills and talents she needed to showcase during these evaluations.

There was a lot to do, we needed to choose the outfits, the groups, parts, songs and make the MRs, we had to come up with choreography and we practice it.

— Jennie

Her answers depict a challenging period that would go on for six years. But as a trainee, Jennie saw it differently.

Back then we didn’t know it was difficult, it’s just, you had to do it? You don’t think about why you have to go to school right?

— Jennie

This just goes to show the immense resilience that Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa had to develop in order to debut.

While Jennie didn’t shy away from talking about her struggles, she ultimately reveals that she doesn’t regret her experience at all.

But all the time put into it is what made BLACKPINK what we are today.

— Jennie

While BLACKPINK may have undergone hardship and uncertainty as trainees, the girls are appreciative of the talents they developed in this time. Since their debut they have been breaking record after record.

Today, BLACKPINK is finally able to reap the rewards of their years of hard work and determination.

They are beloved across the world for their immense talent and natural charisma.

So while being a trainee at YG Entertainment was a difficult period for them, the girls are appreciative of how it has shaped them to become the BLACKPINK that we all love and know.

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