From Nicknames To Moods—Here Are 6 Facts About BLACKPINK’s Jennie As Told Using Emojis

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BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently sat down for an interview with ELLE KOREA following her photoshoot with them.


The theme was centered around emojis, with Jennie picking the ones that represented her answer to each question. She was able to describe herself using barely any words at all!

Learn more about Jennie through this method below.

1. Her Current Mood

First up, at the time of the interview, Jennie was feeling like a small and cute chick.

2. Her Nickname: Jendeukie

“Jendeukie” is the nickname fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo made for her. She combined Jennie’s name and “jjindeuk”, the Korean word for “clingy,” since the younger member often clings to Jisoo in the mornings.

The emoji Jennie really wanted to use to describe Jendeukie was dumplings, but she happily settled for a black and red heart in its absence since “Jendeukie is love.”

3. Her Nickname: Human Chanel

Another popular nickname of Jennie’s is “Human Chanel” in reference to the luxury brand that she endorses. She lifted up a folded hands emoji to describe her gratitude for the support she receives.

4. Her Fashion

Jennie may be known as a modern-day fashion icon, but she still often has trouble thinking of what to wear. Thus, she picked the shocked face with an exploding head to describe her fashion style.

5. Her Least Used Emoji

Out of all the emojis available, Jennie picked the hamster as her least used one, likely because of the lack of situations where it can be inserted into a conversation.

6. Her 2022 Emoji

Finally, Jennie’s 2022 emoji is simply a tiger, a nod to the fact that it is currently the year of the tiger. This animal signifies strength, power and prosperity in the Chinese zodiac, a fitting prediction for her great year ahead!

Check out Jennie’s full ELLE KOREA interview below.

Source: YouTube