Here’s Every Nickname Fans Call BLACKPINK’s Jennie & The Real Meanings Behind Them

#6 is so accurate.

Over the years, fans have come up with numerous monikers for BLACKPINK’s trendsetting queen Jennie. Here are all the main nicknames BLINKs use for her along with what they really mean.

1. J, Jen, JenJen

“J”, “Jen”, and “JenJen” are the most obvious of Jennie’s nicknames. Each one is a shortened or diminutive version of her full first name, Jennie. “J” is also Jennie’s screen name on Instagram.

And yes, in case you were wondering—Jennie is really her birth name, not a stage name.

2. Jendeuk

“Jendeuk” (sometimes “Jendeukie”) is actually a nickname invented by Jennie’s fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo. When BLINKs first heard it, many assumed it was a combination of Jennie and “kideuk kideuk”, the Korean word for giggling sounds.

However, on an episode of Weekly Idol, Jisoo revealed the true meaning: it’s a combination of Jennie and “jjindeuk”, which means “clingy”. Jisoo said that Jennie is hard to wake in the mornings and would often cling to Jisoo, hence the nickname “Jendeuk”.

Jisoo also nicknamed Jennie “Jendeuk Ramsey” because of her cooking skills on BLACKPINK House.

3. Human Chanel

If you’ve ever seen Jennie in a Chanel outfit, the nickname “Human Chanel” needs no explanation. Jennie isn’t just Chanel’s official muse; her vibe is the human embodiment of Chanel’s luxury and opulence. It’s no wonder she looks so amazing in their outfits.

Fans call Jennie “Human Gucci” sometimes too. High-end fashion is definitely her thing.

4. Nini

Another cute nickname that come’s from shortening “Jennie” is “Nini”.

Interestingly, EXO’s Kai—who Jennie once dated—shares the same nickname!

5. Mandu

Ever heard Jennie referred to as “Mandu”? A mandu is a Korean dumpling. BLINKs call Jennie “Mandu” because of her soft and squishy cheeks, but interestingly Korean dumplings tend to be more wrinkly than squishy. Perhaps “Mochi” would be a more appropriate nickname?

6. Jensetter

Last but not least, there’s “Jensetter”. This nickname is a combination of Jennie and “trendsetter”—appropriate since Jennie is constantly setting trends on Korea’s fashion scene. BLINKs who bias Jennie often refer to their fandom as “Jensetters” too.

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