Here’s Just How Gorgeous BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looks In Unedited, Non-Professionally Taken Photos

We hope to be blessed by seeing her in real life.

Talented, gorgeous, cute, powerful, sexy, and more, this girl has it all. BLACKPINK’s Jennie is known for both her visuals and her skills, not to mention a killer smile. Here are 10, unedited, unfiltered moments to prove that she’s absolutely got it all.

1. Coachella

Coachella was a high point for both BLINKs and BLACKPINK. Jennie seemed to be enjoying herself!

| @onlyforjendeuke/Twitter

2. Front-row worthy

Jennie is always at the forefront of fashion. Here is from a moment where she graced a flagship store with her presence.

3. The airport is her runway

Side note, we love Jisoo in bangs. Jennie showed off her petite frame in a body-hugging plaid dress.

4. Mandu Jennie!

She’s the peak of cuteness with her fluffy cheeks.

5. Slay, queen

She gave off some serious alpha-girl vibes with this one.

6. Peachy perfect

Can we just say how perfectly peachy her skin looks here?

| @proudofjendeuk/Twitter

7. Goddess

She looked the very picture of innocence in jeans and a white peplum top.

8. Everything about her is perfect

Even jostled by the crowds she doesn’t flinch.

| @proudofjendeuk/Twitter

9. Keeping calm and collected

Here is a wider angle of #8. We’d have been so nervous in that situation but Jennie looks as unbothered as usual.

10. Luxury princess

Lastly, look at her slaying on the press carpet as she exits a venue decked in luxury threads.

Still not yet convinced of her beauty? Be sure to check out her personal vlog below.

Source: pann