Here’s What BLACKPINK Would Look Like As Disney Movie Characters

Can this actually happen, please?

The members of BLACKPINK each have their own unique charms that would make them perfect Disney characters…but how would they actually look in an animated movie? Check out how they might look reimagined as Disney characters below and try to imagine them in their own movie!

1. Jennie

Jennie’s cat-like features and expressive brows are just a few of her key features…

…and her Disney self definitely brings these, along with her charisma, to the table!

Jennie | @intothemun/Twitter

Jennie’s character might look chic, but inside, she’s a softie!

2. Jisoo

Jisoo has soft visuals and doe-like eyes…

…and of course, her Disney version must have them, as well!

Jisoo | @intothemun/Twitter

Jisoo’s character would have a gentle and sweet appearance but has the caring and responsible personality of a leader.

3. Rosé

Rosé’s unique and captivating beauty, as well as her blonde locks, are essential for her Disney self.

Anyone can tell instantly that this is her!

Rosé | @intothemun/Twitter

Rosé’s character would share her bubbly and cute personality, along with her passionate work ethic.

4. Lisa

Lisa’s doll-like eyes and bangs are just a few of the things her animated character would have.

Disney Lisa is unmistakably her!

Lisa | @intothemun/Twitter

Lisa’s character would have her lively and cool personality — and perhaps she would be a little mischievous as the youngest!

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Here’s What BTS Would Look Like As Disney Movie Characters