10 Little Quirks BLACKPINK’s Jennie Does In Recent “BORN PINK” Concerts That Are So Sexy, They Almost Gave Us A Heart Attack

#6 might make you faint 🔥

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was born to be a star! Fans who had the pleasure of seeing her up close in recent BORN PINK concert stops can attest to this. Many times, it was her small gestures that made her performances exceptionally captivating.

Check out some of her simplest but sexiest moves below.

1. First up, when she sat down while rapping

Her confidence is attractive to say the least.

2. When she followed up with a wink

It was the final nail in our coffins.

3. When she swayed her hips

The fact that her expression changes every second makes it even better.

4. When she was playful with Lisa

Lisa‘s hilarious tap on her bottom was followed up with an unexpectedly seductive wave.

5. When she clicked her tongue

Blink and you might (unfortunately) miss this gem of a move.

6. When she unzipped her jacket

Sometimes she’s too much for our hearts and she knows it!

7. When her gaze was electrifying

We can stare at her all day.

8. When she flipped her hair

Every little thing Jennie does is magnetic.

9. When she lay sideways on the floor

“Hot” is an understatement.

10. Finally, when she threw off her jacket

This scene alone made BLINKs all around the world scream.

Read on to see more times when Jennie made fans speechless.

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