3 Spontaneous Things BLACKPINK’s Jennie Did In Recent Airport Appearance That Show Just How Sweet & Relatable She Is

She’s the cutest!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a sweetheart in real life! The YG Entertainment idol may kill it on stage and whenever she’s in front of the camera, but she’s all things lovable in real life.

This was punctuated by her small but cute actions in the airport on the way to Paris Fashion Week.

Check them out below!

1. Car Window Checking

First up, Jennie was absolutely adorable when she checked herself out in the car window right before posing in front of the press.

Though she already confirmed that she was ready to face the cameras and moved to walk towards the entrance…

…she suddenly turned back to give herself one more look, quickly confirming that she was good to go.

2. Being Called Cute

Next up, being thrown praises everyday is not uncommon for the BLACKPINK rapper. She’s often considered one of the top visuals in the K-Pop industry, after all.

Regardless, she still had the best reaction when she was called “cute” by a fan. Jennie laughed unexpectedly and covered her mouth while giggling, appreciating the compliment.

3. Accommodating Kids

Finally, BLACKPINK’s Jennie had the best reaction when little children ran towards her before she left the airport. They innocently hoped to meet their idol, and they were in for a treat!

Despite her busy schedule, Jennie happily took a photo with the two kids, creating what will surely be a core memory for them.

She definitely knows how to do top tier fanservice!


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