Here Are 15 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Showed Off Her Gorgeous 11-Line Abs

The first GIF will prove how ripped she is.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo doesn’t show off her toned middle often, but when she does, it’s evident how hard she works for it. Check out these 15 times her incredible body line and muscular definition left fans going crazy!

1. Jisoo’s abs are so defined, you can see her muscles moving as she dances!

Seriously, Jisoo is #FitnessGoals.

2. She proves that hard work pays off.

She’s confident and not afraid to show it!

3. Even when she’s not doing much, it looks like she’s flexing.

The stage lighting definitely does her justice.

4. She focuses on being fit and healthy instead of just thin.

Jisoo has a good balance of muscle and can influence her fans to be healthy.

5. She can seriously rock a pair of low rise jeans.

Really, who can pull of low rise jeans like she can?

6. Her body line is stunning.

She’s a sight to behold on stage.

7. Let’s hope Jisoo reveals her ab workout!

BLINKs everywhere would seriously appreciate it.

8. A strong core is needed to be a dancer.

Also, being a dancer creates a strong core. So, was it the chicken or the egg?

9. Just imagine her doing a fitness ad.

NIKE, Puma, any sports brand — Please call her.

10. Her abs are a good accessory for her casual look.

People may wear earrings or a bracelet for some fashionable pizazz, but Jisoo can just show her abs.

11. Even her legs are fit, too.

Muscle definition for days.

12. Here’s the moment in GIF form.

Her dance skills are constantly improving.

13. She has stunning visuals and an impressive physique.

She’s the total package!

14. Jisoo is strong.

This picture is the definition of “badass!”

15. Oh, but she’s still her goofy self!

She may have a six-pack, but she’s super humble.