9 Chaotic Moments BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Made Us LOL In Her New Vlog

She couldn’t catch a break in #6. 🤣

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently uploaded her second vlog on her brand new YouTube channel where she explores Barcelona while on tour. Jisoo’s hilarious personality and crazy moments combine together to create one chaotic vlog! Check out some of the funniest moments below.

1. When the seagull gave her the scare of her life

This timing was perfect. 🤣

2. When Rudolph “passed out” after meeting Jisoo

What she said next left us all wheezing!

3. When she said this about the children trying to get churros

She’s so competitive!

4. When she went overseas…just to eat Korean food

In every city, she can’t resist trying their hansik.

5. When she put on her perfect “disguise”

Nobody can tell who she is with these glasses…or so she thinks.

6. When all of these weird things started happening to her

She made this so much more dramatic than it actually was!

7. When she said this about the statue

Her mind is on another level.

8. When she chose this as her thumbnail

For both videos, she made the funniest choices!

9. When she made all of these adorable faces

She’s so funny AND cute!

Watch the full vlog below.


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