15 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Showed Off Her Model Body Proportions

She’s stunning in #5.

Not only is BLACKPINK’s Jisoo a beautiful soul on the inside, but she’s also a stunning human on the outside. Check out these 15 times her gorgeous body line and insane proportions showed just how “model-ready” she is!

1. She slayed on the set of “Ice Cream.”

Her high socks make her legs look endless.

2. When Jisoo rocks heels, her body seems to be 75% legs.

Seriously, she has the golden ratio body type.

3. It gives her a gorgeous body line while she’s dancing.

She’s elegant, she’s cool — She’s Jisoo!

4. Jisoo in heels is a blessing.

Step on me, queen!

5. IRL, her proportions are eye-catching.

She looks like she’s walking down the runway.

6. From head to toe, she has model qualities.

What’s not to love about her?!

7. She’s fitness inspiration.

Her lean legs are goals.

8. Jisoo and Jennie make a dangerous duo.

Dangerous for your heart, that is!

9. She can make any stage outfit look like it was meant for her.

The queen of hotpants.

10. She’s curvy and fit.

Not to mention absolutely radiant!

11. Nobody looks like this while chilling on their couch.

(Only Jisoo.)

12. We need model Jisoo on the runway, like, now.

It would be a cultural reset.

13. You know you’re tall when knee-high boots don’t shrink you at all.

Can she spare a centimeter?

14. She’s still model-esque in casual clothes.

Let’s be real, she can make any outfit work.

15. She even struts at the airport.

Anywhere she goes, she catches peoples’ attention!