10 Unedited Moments Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo At Dior’s 2023 Paris Fashion Show That We Can’t Get Over

She attended their Spring 2023 Couture Collection.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo always looks phenomenal! This was true yet again in the January 24 fashion show of luxury brand Dior.

As their global brand ambassador, she looked absolutely stunning in a white dress while attending their Christian Dior Spring 2023 Couture Collection.

Jisoo | DIOR

Check out the following videos and GIFs below that show off her real life beauty!

1. When she posed in front of cameras

First up, Jisoo looked every inch the model she is while posing.

2. When she was escorted by Dior’s public relations manager

Mathilde Favier aptly told Jisoo while escorting her that she was “the most famous” person there.

She’s Dior’s muse for a reason!

3. When she entered the venue

This close-up shot emphasized her flawless skin.

4. When she gave a cute laugh

Happy Jisoo is the cure to any bad day.

5. When she grinned

She lit up the whole room with her smile.

6. When she was just as stunning in natural lighting

She doesn’t need photoshoot level effects to look picture-perfect.

7. When she was a real life goddess

The more netizens upload videos of her, the more her goddess-like status is solidified.

8. When she was gorgeous in every angle

No matter who took her video, she was jaw-dropping!

9. When she posed with actress Yara Shahidi

Two words: simply gorgeous.

10. And when she waved goodbye

Finally, even just a glimpse of Jisoo is enough to see how beautiful she is in real life.


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