These Unedited GIFs Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo In Dior’s 2022 “Paris Fashion Week” Event Show Just How Gorgeous She Is In Real Life

They were taken indoors during the exclusive show!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was the belle of the ball in Dior‘s 2022 Paris Fashion Week show. As their brand ambassador, she was one of the most sought after figures of the night.

With how many cameras and people were clamoring for her attention both inside and outside of the venue, it was almost as if she held a mini fanmeeting. Her kindness and beauty were praised far and wide online.

To see more evidence of her stunning visuals in real life, check out the following unedited GIFs below.

1. When she turned back

First up, Jisoo’s eye contact with the camera was simply heart-stopping.

2. When she stood nearby

Her charisma was even more evident when one sees her standing just a few feet away.

3. When she walked closer

All eyes turned to Jisoo the moment she passed by.

4. When she smiled for the cameras

She’s even more stunning up close!

5. When she was asked to pose

Photographers couldn’t get enough of her and for good reason.

6. When she flipped her hair

Just this simple hand gesture was enough to make every BLINK sigh.

7. When she mouthed, “Thank you”

Pretty and polite, she’s too much for our hearts!

No matter which photo or video of Jisoo’s was posted online, she was always as gorgeous as can be.