10 Times BLACKPINK Forgot To Tell Jisoo The Dress Code

“Let’s all wear black masks and not tell Jisoo.” 😂

Sometimes, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo chooses unique fashion pieces that make her stand out in the cutest way. Check out 10 times she didn’t get the memo to dress like the rest!

1. When everyone besides Jisoo wore a crop top

Even the back-up dancers were in on it!

2. When she didn’t get the black shoes memo

Once you see how much her feet stand out, you can’t unsee it!

3. The time the exact opposite happened

Jisoo wore black shoes while all the other girls wore white!

4. When she wore her white mask

The others opted for black.

5. When she was the only one who didn’t wear a skirt

She showed off her stunning legs in some shorts instead.

6. When she forgot her white socks

Don’t worry, Jisoo. No one will notice…besides all of us.

7. Jisoo, the queen of black shoes

There may be a pattern forming here!

8. Her black outfit pops next to all the girls in white

She loves her edgy and cool style.

9. When she was the only one to wear a wide brim hat

They all slay!

10. Bonus: When she didn’t get the black and white profile pic memo

Jisoo lives in color!