10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looked Like She Stepped Out Of A K-Drama Scene At The Airport

#7 looks like she’s on set.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has actress-like visuals that are so stunning, she can turn anywhere into the set of a K-Drama. Check out these 10+ photos that will convince you she was recording a dramatic scene — not just casually walking through the airport!

1. The breeze is working in her favor.

2. This looks like a dramatic scene when she turns around to her lover yelling her name.

3. She’s the girl-next-door.

4. This photo could be a poster for a movie.

5. Even something as subtle as fixing her hair looks elegant on camera.

6. Any expression she makes is picture-worthy.

7. Even her breath in the cold air is posing for the photo.

8. She’s absolutely stunning.

9. Even her outfits could be in a K-Drama.

10. Her profile is also incredibly gorgeous.

11. Netizens praise Jisoo for her beautiful visuals.

12. She’s so graceful…even just exiting the van!

13. The details of her fluttery eyelashes are perfect for the close-up shots.

14. Jisoo has actually landed the lead role of an upcoming K-Drama, so the dreams will become a reality!

15. Entitled “Snowdrop,” fans can’t wait to see what Jisoo is capable of in the world of acting.

16. If she’s this stunning in an airport…

17. …how flawless will she be in an actual K-Drama?

18. She’s an airport goddess.

19. Even in press photos, she still slays.

20. Stan beautiful visuals and a beautiful heart — Stan Jisoo!