BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Had A Unique “Shut Down” Ending Fairy Shot, And It Was Thanks To Her Members Making Sure It Went Perfectly

We all need friends like them!

BLACKPINK has some of the cutest ending fairy scenes! The YG Entertainment girl group may not be used to the trend, finding it awkward when they did so for “Pink Venom,” but that’s not to say that they don’t slay anyway!

They made fans go wild in their latest performance of “Shut Down” in SBS‘s Inkigayo. Each one of them had a unique pose that highlighted their cute sides.



…and Lisa were all as sweet as can be in their individual shots.

Jisoo was also a complete pro. She showed off her “wealth” by fanning her face with several fake bills, ending by being showered with even more of them.

These bills were the props that dropped down on the members towards the end of their “Shut Down” stage.

Behind the scenes, it was revealed that Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa did their best to give their oldest member the perfect shot.


It was Jennie who started gathering the paper money on the ground to decorate Jisoo’s ending fairy frame. She did so right after she finished her turn on camera, crouching down only a few feet away from Rosé when she was doing aegyo.

Rosé spotted Jennie’s actions when the camera switched their focus to Lisa and immediately started helping out.

Jennie was obviously excited to start throwing the bills that she had on hand! She looked towards the staff expectantly while leaning in closer to Jisoo.

They were finally given the go-signal and they didn’t waste any time. Rosé and Lisa followed Jennie’s lead, the latter doing so despite just finishing her turn on camera as well.

As BLACKPINK proved, teamwork definitely makes the dream—or stage—work!

Check out the full video below if you have yet to watch their “Shut Down” live performance.