8 Photos Of BLACKPINK To Inspire Your Next K-Pop Concert Outfit

These fashion icons know a thing or two about creating a cute fit.

With all of the K-Pop tours announced this year, finding an outfit that is both your style and a little unique is crucial. The biggest inspiration, however, might be from the idols themselves! The girls of BLACKPINK are no strangers to fashion, and we might just steal a few tips for our own looks.

1. Girly

For a girly option, layer a white or cream t-shirt under a summer dress. Solid colors like beige or subtle patterns like Jisoo‘s look effortless. For sneakers, go with white tennis shoes like adidas. Top with a chained crossbody bag to add a touch of glamour.

2. Edgy

Pairing a baggy aesthetic t-shirt with some tiny shorts creates a badass look. Throw on some tall comfortable boots and add some metal with layered necklaces and chokers.

3. Bubbly

For a cute and casual look, wearing a bright oversized shirt or sweatshirt looks adorable with some cut-off jeans. Add your favorite pair of unique sneakers and grab a small tote for all your concert goodies.

4. Sporty

A super oversized t-shirt looks trendy tucked into some jean shorts. Add a black belt and layer with bracelets to elevate the look. Pair with some low profile sneakers for added comfort and style points.

5. Classic

For a timeless outfit, pair a basic t-shirt dress (or in Jennie‘s case, a matching top and mini skirt) with a Peter Pan collar. For shoes, cute flats or oxfords will do the trick. Feel free to put a pin of choice on your shirt as a brooch and bring a leather backpack for added class.

6. Early 2000’s

For a throwback look, baggy jeans and chunky sneakers are a must. A cropped t-shirt works just as well as an oversized one with a french tuck. For a real groovy effect, pair with some circle specs or oversized hoop earrings.

7. Chic

Think all black with some fun accessories for a crisp vibe. Pairing a black top, pants, and boots with a holographic bag and studded jacket feels adds just enough oomph. For another option, get creative and go for wild accessories like a neon jacket or fanny pack.

8. Sweet

A tight long sleeve top tucked into a statement mini-skirt is the perfect go-to. Switch up the look by tucking in a breezy blouse to the skirt instead. Pair with bright nails and a shoulder bag.