10 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Blew Us Away With Her Charisma While Performing

#5 is iconic.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa always manages to stand out on stage with her endless charisma! No matter what song she’s singing or where she’s performing, she kills it.

Check out some moments when she took our breath away below.

1. In Kingdom

The most recent performance of Lisa’s that made headlines was her collaboration with iKON on Kingdom.

She was pretty, pretty savage in the “Classy Savage” cover, not to mention viral as well!

2. “Intentions”

Her Justin Bieber dance cover showed off a more boyish and cute side of her that fans couldn’t resist.

Her charm was undeniable.

3. “Lover”

But don’t be fooled, she specializes in sexy concepts that always make our hearts pound!

4. “Lovesick Girls”

BLACKPINK’s latest title track, “Lovesick Girls,” may be on the sentimental side compared to previous releases, but Lisa’s charisma was still out of this world!


Of course, we can’t forget her third LILI’s FILM dance cover. It was her sexiest video yet!

6. “Kill This Love”

With her legendary girl crush outfit, she was hard to look away from.

7. “Swalla”

Lisa’s concert dance solo, “Swalla,” will forever be iconic!

Her sudden drop was the highlight of the show.

8. Youth With You 2

Her first performance in iQIYI‘s survival show, Youth With You 2, made everyone in the audience scream.

9. The Movie

Her untouchable aura was on a whole different level in “The Movie.”

She was drop dead gorgeous!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

10. “Pretty Savage”

Finally, we come full circle with the original “Pretty Savage” performance. Lisa’s slow body wave was everything.

Lisa always takes our breaths away!


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