9 Unedited Moments Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa At BVLGARI’s Mediterranea Event Showing What She Actually Looks Like IRL

#2 shows what she looks like in person.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is making waves at BVLGARI’s Mediterranea Event in Venice, Italy. Check out some of her most gorgeous moments from the event below.

1. Lisa goes from perfect princess to cutie in two seconds!

2. She looks stunning during any candid moment.

3. Her doll-like visuals shine the brightest.

| @lalalisa_m_2797/Twitter

4. She poses like a goddess on the runway.

| @PopBase/Twitter

5. Her face card never declines!

| @PopBase/Twitter

6. She sweetly greets fans with a big smile.

| @yolerrys/Twitter

7. Even in low quality, you can feel her celebrity aura.

8. Even her profile absolutely stunning!

9. Imagine being this close to her IRL.

| @bpinkvenomm/Twitter