6 Things To Expect If BLACKPINK’s Lisa Were Your Dance Teacher

Here’s how her dance class goes.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the sole dance mentor of iQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You 3. She helped the 118 trainees perfect their dancing for the position evaluation and expression stages, the Top 60 in their team battles, and the Top 35 in their concept evaluation stage.

Though she can’t be with them in person due to the complications brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, she still does her best to help them out.

Based on the trainees’ experiences, check out how a typical dance class from Lisa looks like below!

1. Show what you’ve got.

Of course, the first thing all teams do is show Lisa what they’ve prepared so far. They always give it their all no matter how tired they are.

2. Improve on one move.

After showing their progress, Lisa typically zeroes in on one move. When the twelve original members of the song “Domesticator” visited her, she focused on their arm movement.

Right. Can you guys do this part?

— Lisa

3. Listen to her critiques.

She’s patient with every trainee even if they can’t automatically fix their mistakes. For example, she took Jerome D. step by step for the choreography of “Letting Go.”

It helped the group give a cohesive expression stage performance!

In another instance, Lisa made sure the “KICK IT” group did the point move of NCT 127‘s song perfectly. She demonstrated how they should add more wave and sass to their dancing.

4. Practice again and again.

During the first evaluation, she focused on having the “Drowned” team spin in the same directed at the same time. She didn’t stop until everyone could do it at a satisfactory level.

Tomorrow you’ll be on stage, but you’re still making mistakes. You’ll get a bit dizzy when spinning so what do we do? The range of your hand movements needs to be the same. The class won’t be over until you’re in synch.

— Lisa

5. Take her advice to heart.

Lisa’s class isn’t just focused on dancing. Whenever the trainees have a hard time, she gives them advice and support. As soon as she found out that the “TOU TOU” groups were hungry, she urged them to eat even if their schedules were full.

You can have chocolate in your mouth and you still can dance. If you don’t have anything to eat, you don’t have energy.

— Lisa

She also helped Wang Nanjun (Krystian Wang) with his dilemma of either staying in his current team or moving to the song he likes better.

I think people want to see you with another song. So I don’t think it’s a challenge for you.

— Lisa

6. Do a dance battle!

Finally, though it doesn’t happen every time, Lisa’s favorite part of her classes is the spontaneous dance battles! She either pits the centers of competing teams against each other or members of the same group. It’s all in good fun, but certain trainees still stand out.

At the end of it, she picks a winner and gives her points for improvement. Some even get full praise from the well-renowned dancer herself!

Best dancers!

— Lisa to Sun Yihang and Jun Liu

If she were your dance teacher, expect both fun and strict times with Lisa!