BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Once Again A Strict But Loveable Mentor In “Youth With You 3”

She did her best to help them!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the sole dance mentor of IQIYI‘s survival program Youth With You 3. Though she can only watch the trainees through a screen, it hasn’t held her back from giving the same harsh but helpful comments as in the previous season!

She showed off her strict mentor image that fans love in the fifth episode of the show. It was the “Drowned” team who received Lisa’s full attention in order to polish off their dance.

Tomorrow you’ll be on stage, but you’re still making mistakes.

— Lisa

She pointed out how they weren’t dancing together: “Now you’re not spinning in synch. Spinning itself is easy, but it’s actually difficult because of dizziness.” 

The difficulty level of spinning wasn’t an excuse to fail to do a good job. She gave specific comments so the trainees would know what exactly they should do to get better.

You’ll get a bit dizzy when spinning. So what do we do? Someone would be dizzy when staring at the front. It won’t be in synch if you stare at different places. So the range of your hand movements needs to be the same. There needs to be firmness in your eyes.

— Lisa

She asked them to repeat the movements until they got it right. The group was narrowed down from seven members until only two kept repeating the same mistakes.

The class won’t be over until you’re in synch.

— Lisa

The dance position trainees took Lisa’s comments to heart and practiced continuously until it was perfect.

Thanks to Lisa’s comments, the “Drowned” team had a great performance!

Check out the full video below.