20+ Legendary GIFs Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa You Need In Your Camera Roll ASAP

Try not to get hypnotized by #7.

From the confidence she has when she slays the stage to her stunning and versatile visuals, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is alluring in every sense of the word. Check out these legendary GIFs of her that deserve a spot in your camera roll, like, now.

1. She’s a triple threat visual-dance-rap idol!

2. Check out her unreal waist.

3. She nails the ending fairy pose.

4. Her doll-like features are mesmerizing.

5. Once you notice how much control she has over her body, you can’t stop watching.

6. She looks like a first love.

7. Nobody does body rolls quite like Lisa.

8. Lisa and Rosé look like the cutest kids running through the airport together!

9. This is queen behavior.

10. She has the most gorgeous eye shape.

11. There’s only one word that comes to mind: SLAY.

12. Imagine being this close to her IRL.

13. If you’re an OG Blink, this is the moment you fell in love with Lisa.

14. Netizens said Lisa had the vibe of a glamorous western celebrity here at the Celine Collection.

15. Her beauty is as fresh as fruits in this GIF.

16. Her dainty little facial expressions will steal your heart.

17. Try not to get hypnotized by her hair flip.

18. From her lashes to her lips, she’s the cutest.

19. Wait, which one is the flower?

20. Stan Lisa, stan talent.

21. Her platinum blonde hair is stunning.

22. She looks so pure and innocent.