Here Are 10+ Fan-Taken Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa That Show How Truly Stunning She Is IRL

Look at her in #4! 😍

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a true visual! When seeing her in person, BLINKs have reported that she’s somehow even more gorgeous. Check out 10+ moments from fans that show her real-life visuals.

1. She’s an angel in every sense of the word!

2. Her puppy dog eyes are too cute — and even bigger IRL.

3. This lucky fan was so close to the stage!

4. Her profile is gorgeous.

5. Imagine being so close to Lisa in the airport.

6. She really couldn’t get any cuter!

7. She’s so happy to see her fans.

8. During concerts, she shows off her high energy!

9. She looks like a princess passing by.

10. A confident queen!

11. She’s so powerful.

12. Cutest in the world!