Every BLACKPINK Member Has Officially Tried Pink Hair — Here’s How Gorgeous They Look Rocking The Bold Color

The Pinks have returned to their true form! 💗

The members of BLACKPINK are constantly switching up their hairstyles. However, all four of them have proved that they slay in pink! Check out how each member rocks the color below.

1. Jennie

For the “Ice Cream” music video, Jennie went full-on bubblegum. However, the iconic look was only a wig!

She truly committed to the pink life during “How You Like That” era when she bleached her bangs and then dyed them hot pink.

She became the human embodiment of “BLACKPINK!”

The trendy look allowed her to try the cool color without dealing with the hassle of completely bleaching all of her hair.

2. Rosé

Rosé switched up her usual blonde locks and went for a stunning dusty pink.

The pastel look worked perfectly for her!

Even when it began fading…

…it became a gorgeous shade of lilac. It’s official: She suits every hair color!

3. Jisoo

Jisoo also once rocked a hot pink wig! Are we seeing a pattern here?

However, the closest she’s really ever gone to pink was her purple hair.

As both her red and purple hair began fading, Jisoo treaded on pink waters.

Hands down, she can slay any color she tries.

4. Lisa

Not only has Lisa sported a long pink wig…

…she’s also worn a wig with pink highlights.

However, she recently showed off a full head of pink hair on Instagram!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

From head-to-toe, Lisa puts the pink in “BLACKPINK!”