GOT7’s Youngjae Accused Of Beating Up Disabled Student During High School — JYP Investigating Accusation

JYP is looking into the rumors.

JYP Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding Bullying Accusations About GOT7’s Youngjae

They will continue to investigate the matter.

A News Outlet Personally Investigates And Confirms Rumors Of BTS Goods Being Prohibited From Entering China

They uncovered the facts.

7 Times BTS’s Jimin Was Caught Doting On His Members Without A Care In The World

No one loves BTS more than Jimin does ❤️

Here Are The 7 Korean Beauty Standards That International Fans Are Sick Of, According To A K-Netizen

We seriously need to talk about #3.

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HyunA Was Captured Throwing A Tantrum — Dawn’s Reaction Proves Why They’re Couple Goals

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SHINee’s Minho Voluntarily Refuses Military Leave Days And Early Discharge

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BTS’s Jimin Gives Wise Words Of Advice For Whether Or Not To Eat Late At Night

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BTS’s “Teacher Jin” Scolded Jungkook For Being Annoying AF

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BTS’s Jungkook Sells His Luxury High-Rise Apartment For Over $2 Million USD

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Jason Derulo Criticized For Allegedly Snubbing BTS And “Savage Love” Remix

BTS fans have accused the singer of being disrespectful.

BTS V’s “Inner Child” Shares Photos From “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E”

Child model Lee Dam is taking fans behind the scenes of BTS’s concert.