10+ Most Hilarious Reactions To BLACKPINK’s Lisa Introducing A New Pet Dog To The Family

BLINKs are funny, alright! 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently introduced the newest member of the “L Family,” an adorable black puppy named Love. Besides showing their support for the furbaby, BLINKs also shared their hilarious reactions.

Check out some of their funniest tweets below!

1. We can only imagine.

2. Lego was not the last pet.

3. She has so many loves!

4. No really, there are six pets all under one roof.

5. Love might grow up to be the best guard dog.

6. We’re honestly kind of jealous!

7. There’s a whole zoo in here.

8. It can’t be the easiest apartment to clean.

9. We’re a bit distracted by the other pet in the picture.

Lego, you grew up so fast!

10. We want to know what the eldest cat thinks.

11. We want to join the L Family, too!

12. We need Hank’s and Dalgom’s reactions.

13. We didn’t expect a dog to be coming home to a house full of cats.

14. We really should’ve noticed!

15. And finally, we can’t help but wonder if another “It’s just her fur that makes her look big!” situation might happen.

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