BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Called Lisa’s Cat Fat, And Lisa Was Full-On Offended

Don’t say anything bad about Lily!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the definition of a cat momma in the ninth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK. The girls visited a shop in South Korea where they made gimbap and pumkin salmon muffins for their furry friends.


As soon as Lisa stepped inside the store, it was obvious from her expression that she was in wonderland. She enjoyed looking at the different treats they offered so she could give them to her four cats: Leo, Louis, Luca, and Lily.

Jennie called for Lisa’s attention when she saw a pretty dress being displayed. Joking that it would fit her small frame, she said, “Lisa, can you wear this in summer for us?”

Lisa immediately declined and wondered if she should get the dress for Lily instead, the female of her feline family. Rather than supporting her, Jisoo joked that it wouldn’t even be able to fit the cat because of her chubby physique!

That won’t fit her! That’s too small for her!

— Jisoo

Lisa was shocked and offended on behalf of Lily, and she immediately came to her defense.

Guys! It’s just her fur that makes her look big!

— Lisa

Jisoo could only tell her to open her mind, “You have to face reality!”

No matter how true her unnie‘s words were, it made no effect on Lisa. After all, every cat’s mom knows their child is the best!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

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