Meet All Of BLACKPINK’s Absolutely Adorable Pets

Lisa has cats!

Every BLACKPINK member is a pet lover, and their dogs and cats (and more) are so popular that fans adoringly call them “PETPINK”. It’s no wonder they have their own following because they are all 100% adorable!

Get a chance to meet all of them below:

1. Jennie, Kuma, and Kai

Kuma is arguably the “big dog” in the PETPINK household because of his vibrant personality and photogenic nature. He is a pomeranian who frequently gets featured in Jennie’s Instagram.

Jennie couldn’t help but feel sentimental over Kuma as they’ve been together for a long time. She explained why the two year old dog is like her child in an interview with Vogue Korea.

He’s a precious child that made me responsible for the first time. He’s the first pet I raised on my own and also my baby. I always video-call him too, when I’m working. He gives me strength and is a very strong support.

– Jennie

Jennie’s other dog is a white cocker spaniel called Kai. He’s a shy dog who is five years old, and he grew up with Jennie and her family.

Kai and Kuma are said to get along well with each other.

2. Jisoo and Dalgom

Jisoo and Dalgom are both cute individually, so what more together? Dalgom is a three year old Shih Poo who is known for his bright smile and fluffiness.

He has many pictures with his adoring owner.

He is also good friends with Kuma.

3. Lisa and her cats

Lisa is the proud mom of four cats:  Leo



and Louis.

Lisa got Louis as a friend to Leo, as the latter seemed left out of Luca and Lily’s friendship.

Why did I bring Louis? Because Luca and Lily were always together and Leo seemed alone. He just seemed lonely. I felt so bad for him. Luca and Leo used to sleep together but after Lily was born, Luca stayed with Lily. So, I brought Louis for Leo. And Leo and Louis get along very well.

– Lisa in an online broadcast

She frequently mentions them in interviews such as this Q&A with Penshoppe.

Q: Since [Lisa] loves cameras, I will ask her, “If you could only capture or take a shot of one thing, what would it be?

Lisa: This is so hard…maybe my cats! Because when I have a hard time, I will always like open my cats’ photo and it’ll get better.

– Lisa

4. Rosé, Max, Tobi, Orange, Eunhee

Rosé grew up with two dogs, Max

…and Tobi.

She also has two fishes, Orange and Eunhee, who were featured in BLACKPINK House episode 3-2.

Orange in particular is known for giving high fives and loving her owner thoroughly.

If ever you’ve wondered why Rosé was wearing a fish hat in a fansign, now you know!

The PETPINKs are definitely a close bunch!

Kuma (left) and Louis (right)


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