10 Reasons BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is One Of The Best Dancers In K-Pop

Everything she does has purpose.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a multi-talented idol. She’s known best, though, for her incredible dancing ability. According to professional dancers, these are 10 reasons why she deserves respect in that category.

1. The cleanest body lines

Lisa’s body lines are always clean and precise. It helps that she has amazing, long legs.

2. The captivating gaze

Her gaze is captivating. Lisa knows how to use facials, specifically her eyes, to her advantage.

3. The diverse style switch up

Lisa can conquer any style thrown at her. Hip-hop? Check. Pop? Check. Plus, so many more.

4. The oozing confidence

Lisa knows just how good she is. Her confidence shines in her performances, making the audience want to watch her even more.

5. The biggest moves

Lisa doesn’t do anything half way. For her, it’s go big or go home.

6. The effortlessness

She makes every move look so effortless. She could be doing the most intense dance in the world and still make it look easy.

7. The solid sense of rhythm

Rhythm is integral in dancing, and Lisa has a solid sense of it.

8. The power

Lisa puts power into each move shes does, no matter how small. The effort pays off.

9. The toned muscles

Muscles are an important part of dance. It takes incredible control to accomplish the movements Lisa regularly does, so it’s no wonder that she is super fit.

10. The unmatched aura

Lisa’s larger that life aura takes center stage whenever she performs. It doesn’t matter how many backup dancers she has, all eyes are on her.

Source: YouTube