BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reacts To Her “LALISA” MV—Here Are 4 Interesting Stories From Filming

“I had so much fun shooting this scene.”

In a recent video shared on her YouTube channel, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa watched and reacted to her “LALISA” music video for the first time.

In the midst of squealing from excitement and realizing that the moment she’d been waiting for was actually happening, she shared some interesting stories that happened during filming.

Check them out below!

1. Pink curtain scene

Early in the MV, fans can see Lisa laying on a pink curtain with hands moving behind her. Although it looks uncomfortable, she personally found it very relaxing and fun! It reminded her of massages from her cats.

You know how you can see hand prints behind the pink curtain? It was really comfortable. Someone supported me while I was lying down, and it was so comfortable. It was like how cats give you little hand massages, so I basically got a massage while lying down there. It was really fun.

— Lisa

2. Motorbike scene

Next, she revealed that she had fun shooting the scene were she rides a motorbike. Interestingly, it was rooted to a spot and she simply pretended to be driving it! She also enjoyed the cool night breeze.

This motorbike scene was really fun too. The motorbike stood still while this was being shot because it was on a car, and I pretended to drive it. We did this at night so the breeze was so cool, and it wasn’t hot at all. It was just really fun.

— Lisa

3. Polisa scene

This isn’t the first time Lisa mentioned having fun shooting the Polisa scene. She opened up about how it had finally hit her that she was filming a music video by herself and without her fellow BLACKPINK members. At first, she felt awkward and nervous, but that soon went away and she killed it!

I had so much fun shooting this scene too. I was doing it alone, and it had been a while since I shot a music video. I was like, ‘Why is it so awkward to shoot a music video?‘ That’s how nervous I was.

— Lisa

4. Thai scene

Last but not the least, Lisa couldn’t stop gushing over the music video’s Thai-inspired scene. She even shared a story from when she was a child. Back in Thailand, she wore a traditional outfit many times for school dances.

Although the headpiece from the music video was very heavy, it was all worth it because of how beautiful the entire outfit was!

It had been such a long time since I last wore a Thai outfit. When I was in Thailand, I did a performance at school. I wore a traditional outfit then too, and I even did a traditional dance. It was so good to wear it for the first time in a while. It was actually really heavy, like really heavy, but the outfit was very pretty.

— Lisa

Watch Lisa’s complete reaction in the video below.

Source: YouTube