BLACKPINK’s Lisa Looked Forward To The Thai Scene In Her “LALISA” MV Because Of 2 Moving Reasons

Here’s why it meant the world to her.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa made her country proud when she showcased her Thai heritage in her “LALISA” music video.

In a recent behind the scenes video, Lisa divulged the two reasons why she looked forward to the Thai scene the most.

Lisa | @BLACKPINK/YouTube

The first reason is because she was given the opportunity to wear a beautiful Thai attire. Custom-made by local designer ASAVA, Lisa’s stunning gold dress is a modern take on the traditional sabai (breast shawl) and zin (sarong wrap). She looked too gorgeous for words!


Lisa also revealed that it had been quite some time since she had last worn it, so it was meaningful to finally don it again for her solo debut.

I’m looking forward to the Thailand scene the most because I got to wear a traditional Thai outfit for the first time in a while.

— Lisa

The other reason why she looked forward to the Thai scene is because she was able to fully express who she is.

And I really got to express myself. That’s why I’m looking forward to it.

— Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in Thailand but moved to Korea to pursue a career in K-Pop. It’s moving that her journey has come full circle, and she is now introducing Thai culture to the world through her music!

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

Other than discussing the Thai scene, Lisa also named the most memorable scene in the music video for her. Read about it below!

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