BLACKPINK Lisa’s Most Memorable Scene In The “LALISA” MV Was Also One Of The Most Uncomfortable To Shoot

Here’s why.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa made her long-awaited solo debut yesterday with “LALISA,” and it’s nearly impossible to get over the addicting song and gorgeous music video!

In a recently released “M/V Making Film,” Lisa named the most memorable part of filming the music video. Many locations were definitely top contenders, like the “Polisa” police scene

…or the scene where she showcased her Thai heritage.


Ultimately, however, Lisa ended up choosing the desert location!

The most memorable part for me was when we went to a desert-like location where the sun was really, really bright.

— Lisa

She found it memorable because it was very hot that day, yet it still came out beautifully.

It was actually really hot, but the outcome turned out to be really pretty as if the weather was so nice. It actually looked like the weather was cool, so I really liked it.

— Lisa

Her leather clothes made the intense heat worse, which made it uncomfortable to shoot the scene.

All my clothes are leather.

— Lisa

At the end of the day, the weather couldn’t faze Lisa! She nonchalantly said, “Oh well, what can I do?

As bonus, Lisa even introduced her stylist to fans. The two appear to have an adorably close relationship.

Here, my stylist arranged it.

— Lisa

Aside learning about the most memorable scene in the MV for Lisa, fans also got to see the BLACKPINK members visit her filming site. Read more about it below!

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