BLACKPINK’s Lisa Specifically Requested For Her Thai Heritage To Be Put Into “LALISA”

Here’s what she asked them for!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just dropped her very first solo single, “LALISA”. The track is a fire one that combines all the different languages that Lisa has been exposed to in her life — Thai, her homeland, Korea, where she trained and made her debut, as well as English, which she is known to be fluent in.

What shocked fans the most was when the beat dropped, the aesthetics as well as music changed to one influenced by Thai culture. Not only was she wearing the traditional Thai costume and headdress, the instrumentals were also influenced by Thai music.

On the Thai influences, Lisa had one thing to say.

I had wanted to put in the vibes of my homeland, Thailand, into “LALISA”. I said that I wanted to produce the song in a Thai-style, and I was thankful that Teddy oppa did so. I also added traditional Thai dance and wore Thai clothing. I think people will be fascinated that it’s in Thai style. I hope you look forward to the duality.

— Lisa

Check out the amazing “LALISA” below.

Source: News1 via Nate