10+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Exceeded Our Expectations And Looked Unbelievably Gorgeous In Real Life

Her visuals are almost unreal!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa looks absolutely gorgeous in every single occasion! Whether she’s performing on stage, posing for a magazine cover, or more, she always looks picture perfect. In fact, even her unedited photos are unbelievably stunning.

Check out proof below that her real life visuals are outstanding!

1. During the LALISA era

First up, Lisa was definitely glowing after making her solo debut!


2. In the airport

Her smile is everything.

3. In Thailand

Someone say “model-like proportions.”

| ©Midangka_JL97/Twitter
| ©Midangka_JL97/Twitter

4. With her perfect side profile

She’s gorgeous no matter which angle you view her in.

5. In red

She brightens up every room she’s in.

6. In the airport again

Her wide-eyed beauty and perfect skin are enviable!

7. In all-black

The Lisa you see on screen is exactly the same as the one you see in person.

8. In Haneda airport

She and Rosé are a visual combination that’s hard to look away from!

9. With glasses on

No matter how busy she is, she always looks effortlessly beautiful.

10. In front of BLINKs

Everyone who sees her up close is blessed.

| @itsooyaaa__/Twitter

11. In Celine’s Fashion Show in Paris

She grabs everyone’s attention with her beauty.

12. In Celine clothing

And finally, we can’t stop replaying this moment she lit up while talking to a fan!

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