15 Strict Mentor Lisa Memes That Will Lower Your Stress Levels And Have You Laughing All Day

Guaranteed to make your day brighter:

It’s been a little over a week since we were all introduced to BLACKPINK Lisa‘s stricter side on Youth With YouThrough the program, fans saw just how tough Lisa could be as she critiqued the trainees and showed them some tough love so they would be able to pick up the moves as quickly and accurately as possible.

And while the tougher side of Lisa may have come as a shock at first, pretty soon fans simply couldn’t resist turning some of her strictest moments into strictly amazing memes! From scolding her own members to trying to figure out why nobody is smiling, here are just a selection of the many, many awesome strict mentor Lisa memes that will have you laughing all day long:

1. The golden maknae does what the golden maknae wants to do!

2. Nobody can make EXO’s D.O. smile if he doesn’t want to

3. DAY6 just want to show Lisa they can dance too!

4. Ummm…

5. Of course, NCT’s Jungwoo would respond like this 😂

6. Not even her members can escape Lisa’s strict teaching

7. Well, can you blame Lisa for really wanting to see Jisoo’s smile?

8. SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups was just not feeling it…

9. And then there was BooSeokSoon!

10. Lisa can’t escape her own tough love!

11. D.O. take 2!

12. We feel you Ten! Food is the most important thing!

13. Ah, the classic diversion tactic! We see you Seungyoun 👀

14. That was definitely not what Lisa had in mind when she told you to smile Changbin!

15. And the answer is…