25 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Blinded Us With Her Beauty

Lisa’s beauty is so dazzling:

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a gorgeous goddess. Lisa’s serious rapping skills, jaw-dropping dancing skills, sweet and fun personality, and her heavenly visuals combine in such a way that Lisa always blinds everyone with her stunning beauty. Although we certainly can’t include all the times Lisa dazzled with her charms (because she’s always dazzling), here a just a few to brighten your day.


1. When she looked like a goddess during a simple fan sign event


2. Or when she looked fashionable in glasses


3. When she gave this jaw-dropping performance with Jennie


4. And when she popped with Kiel Tutin


5. When she made our hearts flutter simply by walking


6. When she dominated hearts in a beaded outfit


7. And gave everyone a heart attack with her killer crop top combo


8. When she looked gorgeous as a brunette…


9. A total bombshell as a blonde…


10. And ridiculously good as a redhead!


11. Anytime she was spotted snuggling with a fur


12. Or caught snuggling her members


13. When she dazzled at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards


14. And yet looked equally as elegant in some comfy clothes at the airport


15. That time she did this


16. When even a face mask didn’t mask her beauty


17. When she gave us all a heart attack


18. And then sent us into shock


19. When she sparkled more than her shirt


20. And the time she was incredibly ethereal


21. Even when it’s raining, Lisa’s there with her own light


22. This stunning Lisa


23. This rare pearl moment


24. And this cute sweatshirted Lisa


25. And this…just this!