The Top 10 Most-Viewed BLACKPINK Lisa Fancams (& What Made Them So Great)

She’s literally perfect 😍

Can any BLINK resist BLACKPINK Lisa‘s incredible fancams? Judging by their views on YouTube, definitely not. Here are 10 of Lisa’s most-watched fancams of all time—along with what made them so rewatchable.

10. “Forever Young”

In at no.10 is Lisa’s performance of BLACKPINK’s hit B-side “Forever Young”. With over 7 million views and 341,000 likes, this “Forever Young” performance is one of the most loved videos among BLINKS. Besides Lisa’s amazing dance and rapping skills, it also shows how cute and charismatic she can be at the same time.

9. “L-O-V-E”

At no.9 with over 8.9 million views and 394,000 likes is Lisa’s solo fancam of her cover with Rosé: Nat King Cole’s hit “L-O-V-E.” While everyone knows she’s an incredible dancer and rapper, Lisa rarely gets to show off her vocals, so BLINKs love how well this fancam showcases her great singing skills too.

8. “How You Like That”

Lisa’s “How You Like That” solo fancam from SBS‘s Inkigayo comes in at no.8 with over 9 million views and 193,000 likes. One reason why fans love this clip is that it shows how well Lisa can stand out and captivate an audience, whether on stage in person or through a screen.

7. “Swalla”

This list wouldn’t be complete without Lisa’s viral dance cover of Jason Derulo’s “Swalla.” At no.7 with over 9.6 million views and 285,000 likes, this performance from a 2019 BLACKPINK concert in Bangkok left online views just as awestruck as fans at the event were. Alongside shooting up in views on YouTube, the fancam went viral on multiple social media platforms thanks to Lisa’s stage presence, charisma and dance skills.

6. “As If It’s Your Last”

With over 10.6 million views and 215,000 likes, Lisa’s sixth most-watched fancam is a performance of BLACKPINK’s anthem “As If It’s Your Last” from an appearance on Jung Yumi’s FM Date. Fans love rewatching this fancam because of its combination of Lisa’s cuteness, great singing skills, and awesome rapping abilities.


The first top-five entry is a Lisa solo fancam for “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” which sits at over 10.7 million views and 536,000 likes. Lisa’s next-level charisma and aura here make this fancam worth watching over and over again.

4. “BOOMBAYAH” + “As If It’s Your Last” + “Playing With Fire”

At no.4 is the longest fancam on this list: performances of “BOOMBAYAH”, “As If It’s Your Last” and “Playing With Fire”. Taken at the Hanyang University Festival, this video has over 13.3 million views and 303,000 likes on YouTube. One of the best things about this fancam is how well Lisa adapts her facial expressions and charm to each of the different songs back-to-back.

3. “In Your Area” solo stage

BLACKPINK’s In Your Area tour had so many highlights, and Lisa’s solo stage was definitely one of them—which is why it made it to the top three. During this stage, Lisa dances to MISO’s “Take Me”, Cardi B’s “I Like It”, Tink’s “Faded,” and Charlie Puth’s “Attention” with incredible skill. Lisa’s versatility is to thank for this video’s 16.4 million views and 356,000 likes.

2. “Kill This Love”

BLINKs couldn’t get enough of Lisa during BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” era, as evidenced by this fancam’s 17.7 million views and 865,000 likes. Other than her incredible dance and rap skills and captivating charisma, many fans were in awe of how Lisa’s bangs stayed in place through the whole performance despite the complex moves she’s pulling off.

1. “Take Me” + “Swalla”

And the top spot goes to Lisa’s legendary fancam of her “Take Me” and “Swalla” performances during BLACKPINK’s world tour. This particular clip was recorded in Sydney back in 2019 and currently sits at over 28.7 million views and 623,000 likes on YouTube. During this powerful and charismatic stage, Lisa was able to show her skills in several different dancing styles, making it impossible for BLINKs to look away from the screen.