6 Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Recommended K-Dramas And Movies

Lisa loves binge-watching tv shows the most!

Despite being incredibly busy at all times, BLACKPINK‘s members have shared a number of their favorite movies, K-Dramas, and more with BLINKs over the years. Here are 7 of Lisa‘s picks!

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1. Stranger Things

Of the many members of BLACKPINK that enjoy the Netflix original series Stranger Things, Lisa may be the biggest fan! When Rosé revealed that she did not watch the show Lisa replied “I can’t talk with you,” something a true fan would say


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Stranger Things is about a group of friends who discover that their small town of Hawkins has some supernatural secrets. There is another world within our world, the Upside Down, full of malicious creatures that cross into Hawkins over the course of four thrilling seasons.

| Netflix

2. Penthouse

Lisa has talked about her love of the K-Drama Penthouse more than once and even made sure to watch the program as it aired live.

Penthouse is about a group of wealthy families and the struggles they go through in order to be number one while trying to avoid suspicion in the death of a woman at Hera Palance, the extravagant building where they all live.


3. Frozen

Lisa has talked about her love of Frozen many times, and it all seems to revolve around the character Olaf, who she thinks is cute. She even once dressed up as the character!

Frozen is a Disney animated film about the bonds of sisterhood between Anna and Elsa, the latter of which possesses magic ice powers.

| Disney

4. Twenty Five Twenty One

The popular K-Drama Twenty Five Twenty One is another show that has been on Lisa’s watch list. The drama starring Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri actually touched Lisa so much that she cried at the end.

| Netflix

5. Snowdrop

BLACKPINK member Jisoo starred in the Netflix K-Drama, Snowdrop. When asked if she had watched the drama Lisa revealed that she had, including Jisoo’s kiss scenes. Jisoo even shared that Lisa “screamed” once she watched the drama’s ending.

Snowdrop tells the tale of an elite university student that suddenly appears in the middle of a female dormitory covered in blood. In the midst of chaos, Eun Youngcho (played by Jisoo), treats his wounds and covers up his scandalous presence. Set in 1987, the throwback drama tells a touching love story shrouded by mystery and the controversial student riots that overtook South Korea in the 1980s.

| Disney+

6. Crash Landing On You

During an interview with Vogue Korea, Lisa mentioned that she had been watching Crash Landing On You, and even seemed a little embarrassed to admit how much she likes it!

Crash Landing On You tells the story of a wealthy heiress who ends up crash-landing in the North Korean portion of the Demilitarized Zone while paragliding. She meets the son of the Director of the GBP in the Korean People’s Army who decides he will help her hide and the two fall in love.

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