20 Times BLACKPINK Proved They Have The Longest Legs In K-Pop

#8 will blow your mind.

The members of BLACKPINK are known for their model-like proportions and super long legs. Check out these 20 times they weren’t afraid to show the incredible lengths of their gorgeous limbs!

1. Notice how high much higher Lisa’s waist is than the chair.

2. In real life, Jisoo’s long legs are even more apparent.

3. Jennie’s long limbs create a beautiful dance line when she performs on stage.

4. Black skinny jeans elongate Rosé even more.

5. Thigh-highs might make others seem short, but not Lisa!

6. This will seriously have you wondering how tall Jisoo actually is.

7. Rosé’s model-like proportions are epic.

8. Jennie’s legs are so long that even her shadow is trying to compete with her.

| @Jennierubyjane/Instagram

9. The girls of BLACKPINK have some serious height — and they’re not afraid to show it.

10. Lisa’s legs walk into a room, and a few minutes later, so does her upper body!

11. Suddenly, you’ll kinda wish you were a centimeter taller.

12. Jisoo’s healthy legs are fitness goals.

13. How long does it take to scroll from Lisa’s head to her feet?

14. Daisy dukes and nude heels help elongate Jennie’s legs.

15. Rosé stuns on the red carpet with her gorgeous figure.

16. A look like this can only be pulled off correctly with some serious leg length.

17. Lisa, can you spare a little height for the rest of us?

18. She might need these combat boots in a longer size.

19. Jisoo slays the camera from every angle.

20. Stan the queens of legs!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram