These BLACKPINK Lookalikes Will Make You Do A Double Take

They could be clones.

1. Jennie

This cute yet powerful rapper has her unique charms, but as unique as Jennie is, there’s one girl who could be her mini-clone.

Ever since Korean-American child model Ella Gross went viral for her stunning visuals, BLINKs have dubbed her the “mini Jennie”…

…because she looks just like her unnie. Or should we say sunbae?

This year, Ella Gross went from child model to YG Entertainment trainee. She is now signed to The Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment that is headed by producer Teddy and Stony Skunk’s Kush.

Maybe, in the future, these YG Entertainment “sisters” will share the same stage.

After all, BLACKPINK has already adopted Ella Gross as one of their own!


2. Lisa

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could replicate Lisa’s signature visuals, but one Filipina model could be her twin.

Cosmetic enthusiast Yuki Mago looks so much like Lisa that she even began to cosplay her.

If Lisa fans saw Yuki Mago on the street, they might just have to stop and…

…take a photo with her!


3. Rosé

Like her gorgeous voice, Rosé is one of a kind but, even so, fans can’t help noticing her resemblance to one of her seniors in the entertainment industry.

When comparing this photo to the one above, it’s easy to see the similarities between Rosé and Wonder Girls era Sunmi!


4. Jisoo

Jisoo has several celebrity look-alikes, including…

…actress Moon Chae Won

…former KARA member Han Seungyeon

…and Chae Soo Bin

…but she also shares an uncanny resemblance with this beautiful little girl…

…and Rosé’s sister, Alice Park!