12 Savage BLACKPINK Lyrics From The “Born Pink” Album That F*cked Us Up

They spoke the truth in #4. 🔥

BLACKPINK‘s recently released their latest album Born Pink, and fans are in for a wild ride with some of the boldest lyrics they have ever sang! They’re blunt, unapologetic, and stating nothing but facts. Check out some of the coolest, boldest, and memorable lyrics below that left a lasting impression on BLINKs.

1. “It’s not a comeback since we never left.”

2. “Being the best at whatever I do, that’s something on brand.”

3. “I say ‘f*ck it’ when I feel it ’cause no one’s keeping tally.”

4. “Praying for my downfall; Many have tried, baby.”

5. “It’s not a game since we’ve never lost.”

6. “But my body don’t belong to nah-uh-uh none of them though, and I’m not gonna change ’cause you say so.”

7. “My heart only wants you the moment you say ‘no.'”

8. “Sometimes I like to go play dirty just like all of the f*ck boys do.”

9. “I bring money to the table not your dinner.”

10. “We don’t buy it, we request it.”

11. “Bunch of wannabes that wanna be me, me three if I was you.”

12. “‘Cause I’m hard to love, find it hard to trust. When it feels too good, I just f*ck it up.”