Each BLACKPINK Member Does Something Different To Relax—Here’s What They Do

Lisa plays with her cats.

BLACKPINK has had their busiest year yet with their full-length album promotions for The Album. From “How You Like That” to “ICE CREAM” to “LOVESICK GIRLS”, they’ve seen success after success.

Due to their tight schedule, it’s hard for them to find time to rest. When they do, however, they all have different activities on their agenda. BLACKPINK revealed what they love to do in their past time in a recent Twitter Blueroom interview. Check out their answers below!

1. Lisa

Lisa‘s favorite rest pastime was the easiest to guess—she plays with her cats! As the certified cat mama, she recharges by playing with her naughty pets: Louis, Leo, Lily, and Luca.

She has a particularly soft spot for the maknae of the bunch, Louis. She couldn’t help but gush over his adorable nature: “My Louis is so cute. He’s like a baby.”

Though Lisa barely has time to cuddle with him, Louis still tries his best to get her attention.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to play with him. When I get up in the morning, Louis waits for me by the door. So when I get out of my room, Louis meows at me. Then I say, ‘Are you hungry?’ and I feed him.

— Lisa

2. Rosé

Noting how BLACKPINK’s schedule is always packed, Rosé shared that the activity that refreshes her the most is simply to sleep. She maximizes her time to get as much rest as possible.

I just try to sleep as much as possible. Like, doing things as fast as possible to sleep more. I wash my face like this and go to bed. And I try to wake up as late as possible too. I get my stuff ready before I go to bed.

— Rosé

3. Jennie

Jennie, meanwhile, just recently realized the best way to recharge. Even if she’s tired from a long day, hitting the gym always helps her out.

Yesterday was a long day. After work, I called my pilates instructor and went to the gym to loosen up my body.

— Jennie

After being massaged by her instructor, she ended the day well.

Suddenly, I felt like I could fly. You know, my body was very stiff. So I’ll do that again when I have time to refresh myself.

— Jennie

4. Jisoo

Last but certainly not least, Jisoo finds comfort in food. Her favorite one at the moment is milk!

For me, I feel refreshed when I drink milk. Whenever I have time, I say, ‘milk’. It’s better than a whole meal. It’s like a snack. I’m into milk at the moment. Coffee, chocolate, strawberry, banana, and milk milk.

— Jisoo

BLACKPINK all has their own methods to cool down from such a long day at work. If you want to see more of their interview, check out the full video below!