Here Is What We Know About The Siblings Of BLACKPINK’s Members

They all share BLACKPINK’s beautiful visuals!

BLACKPINK has made their long-awaited comeback in over two years with the song “Pink Venom”, which is already taking the K-Pop world by storm! This release will likely make their already huge fanbase even bigger, and new and old fans alike may be interested to learn more about them. Here is what we know about all of the BLACKPINK members’ siblings!

1. Jisoo


Jisoo has an older brother and sister, making the oldest member of BLACKPINK the youngest in her family!

Jisoo and her sister

Her brother’s name is Junghun while her sister’s name is Jiyoon, and it’s easy to see that beautiful visuals run in their family.



Junghun was born six years before Jisoo, while while Jiyoon was born about five years beforehand. Both of them are also parents to beautiful children, making Jisoo a proud aunt!

Junghun and his family

As far as we know, Junghun has a son with his wife, while Jiyoon has two children with her husband.

Jiyoon and her child

And Jisoo is the kind of aunt we all would wish for, given how she’s spoiled her nieces and nephews!

Despite the age difference between Jisoo and her siblings, the trio clearly have a close and loving bond with each other.

2. Jennie


Jennie grew up as an only child in her family!


Despite this, she has made sister-like bonds with the members of BLACKPINK, as well as with other idols in the industry, such as TWICE‘s Nayeon.

Nayeon and Jennie

3. Rosé


Rosé has one sibling — an older sister!

Rosé and her sister

Her name is Alice, and a lot of fans think she looks like fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo at certain angles!

Jisoo and Alice

She was born in July 1993, making her about 4 years older than Rosé.


Like Rosé, Alice also grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and also studied law at Australian National University in Canberra, where she graduated in 2017.


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Because of her relation to the BLACKPINK member, Alice has grown a considerably following on social media, with over one million followers on her Instagram page!


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Despite living apart for some time, the two sisters clearly shared a close bond and still got together on occasion. Alice even lived in South Korea for a couple of years!

4. Lisa


Like Jennie, Lisa also grew up as an only child!


Also like Jennie, she has formed close friendships with the members of BLACKPINK that make them seem like sisters, and is also close with fellow Thai K-Pop idols such as GOT7‘s BamBam and (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie.

BamBam and Lisa