9 Things You Might Have Missed In BLACKPINK’s Music Videos

Did you spot them all?

From their sets to fashion choices, BLACKPINK‘s music videos are all brimming with beautiful details. Some of these details are easy to miss. Here are 9 you might not have noticed the first time around!

1. Lisa’s nostalgic filming location

The exclusive performance video for Lisa’s solo song “Money” subtly referenced one of BLACKPINK’s debut songs, “Whistle.” In a behind-the-scenes video, Lisa revealed that “Money” and the “Whistle” music video were filmed at the same place.


I remembered it was the place we shot the last choreo for ‘Whistle.’ It reminds me of 5 years ago.

— Lisa


2. This striking similarity

Fans pointed out that the beginning pose in “How You Like That” MV…


… looks like the ending pose from “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” Coincidence?


3. “Love” is everywhere in “Kill This Love” MV

Hawk-eyed BLINKs spotted the word “love” on a counter (far right)…

Lisa and Jennie | BLACKPINK/YouTube

…on Rosé‘s choker necklace…


…and on the vandalized wall by Jennie.


4. The bathtub from “Lovesick Girls” MV

In the “Coming Soon” teaser for Rosé’s solo debut, Rosé curls up next to a bathtub stained with black paint.


It looks very similar to the tub from this scene in BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” MV.


5. Lisa’s hidden numbers

Lisa’s “LALISA” MV is exactly 3 minutes and 27 seconds. As BLINK-detectives have pointed out, the runtime connects to Lisa’s birthday: March 27, 1997.


6. The 97 sticker

Lisa made another reference to her birth year, 1997, by slapping a 97 sticker on an ATV in the “LALISA” music video.


7. These custom cereal boxes

In “Kill This Love” MV, Lisa raps while surrounded by cereal boxes that aren’t sold in stores.


Some fans who spotted “romantic sweet” behind Lisa (far left) in “How You Like That” MV say it could be a reference to “Kill This Love” MV.


8. Under Jisoo’s umbrella

According to fans, the aesthetic choices in “How You Like That” MV could be a throwback…

Jisoo | BLACKPINK/YouTube

…to Jisoo’s umbrella in “DDU-DU DDU-DU” MV.


9. Summer Cruising with Rosé

In her “Coming Soon” teaser, fans spotted a picture with the words “summer cruising” on it in the background. Although the picture has a ship, “summer cruising” might also be referencing a past, happy memory from the “Lovesick Girls” MV.

| BLACKPINK/Youtube