K-Netizen Picks The Best Era For Each BLACKPINK Member

Nobody can disagree with #3.

During every era, each BLACKPINK member shines in their own way. According to a K-Netizen’s popular online community post, these are the eras and concepts that suit each member the best. Check out if you agree with their choices below!

1. Jisoo

“Forever Young” was chosen as the song that suits Jisoo’s aura the best.



Her fresh and feminine visuals suit the youthful vibe of the song.


Unlike many of BLACKPINK’s girl crush concepts, “Forever Young” has an innocent and cute concept that Jisoo pulls off flawlessly.


2. Jennie

The era chosen for Jennie was “As If It’s Your Last.”



The edgy yet colorful outfits suited Jennie’s fierce style.


She shined as the leader and as a charismatic rapper.


3. Rosé

“Kill This Love” was picked for Rosé’s era.


Nobody can forget her iconic salute during Coachella 2019.

She was also able to show off her gorgeous voice tone on this track.



4. Lisa

The song chosen for Lisa was “How You Like That.”


At this time, Lisa debuted her new short, black hair.


Lisa’s cool image suits the song’s badass sound and lyrics.