BLACKPINK Did Not Want To Be K-Pop Idols As Kids, Here’s What They Wanted Instead

They all had dreams outside of being singers.

While it’s hard to think of BLACKPINK doing anything aside from singing, dancing, acting, or modelling, they once had dreams outside of these professions.

In solo interviews for Star Road in 2019, the girls each answered a list of questions candidly while walking around a picturesque garden. From how many times they search their names online to where they want to travel, BLACKPINK was raw and real.

One of the questions they were asked was what they wanted to be when they were growing up.

For Jennie, her interest was in ballet so she wished to become a ballerina. As she grew older, she chose to become a singer instead because her passion was in music. Jennie told Star Road that she would’ve become a photographer if this did not work out.

For Jisoo, she wanted to become a writer of novels. Since she doesn’t have a particularly favorite genre (“Genre? I just like novels”), she would’ve dabbled in all sorts of themes.

Next, Lisa knew right away what she wished to become as a kid: “Model!” Later on—like Jennie—she knew that if being an idol didn’t work out, she would’ve ended up pursuing photography.

And finally, though Rosé is now the main vocalist of BLACKPINK, she wanted to be an art teacher when she was a child. Stating, “I like to draw”, it was natural for her to wish to teach others as well. If she weren’t an idol, Rosé said she would be drawing instead.

Though they all never dreamed of being an idol as children, BLACKPINK ended up becoming one of the most successful groups in the world!

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Source: V Live