10+ Most Replay Worthy Moments From BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” Dance Practice Video

Which is your favorite part?

BLACKPINK never disappoints when it comes to dance practices! They recently dropped the entire choreography performance of their pre-release single “Pink Venom.”

Check out some of the most memorable moments from here below.

1. Lisa’s Walk

First up, Lisa brought out her model side with her introductory walk.

2. Jennie’s Hip Movement

Jennie always knows how to move her body exactly the way she wants.

3. The Hand Chop

The girls were full of confidence with their hand chop.

4. Rosé’s Hand On Her Hip

Sassy is Rosé’s middle name.

5. Jisoo’s Every Move

There’s a reason why Jisoo went viral for her killer physique here.

6. Lisa’s Dance Break

Lisa keeps reminding everyone that she’s the main dancer.

7. Jennie’s Rap

Jennie looked like a queen sitting on her throne.

8. Rosé’s Solo

Rosé’s stage presence is always top notch.

9. Jisoo’s Center Scene

Jisoo has the kind of charm that makes our eyes glued to her.

10. BLACKPINK’s Positions

The way BLACKPINK lined up was mesmerizing.

11. Jennie’s Wave

Jennie’s wave was undoubtedly one of the most replayed parts of the entire video.

12. BLACKPINK’s Chorus

Finally, all BLINKs can agree that BLACKPINK killed it in the chorus.

Check out the other swoon-worthy moments from their “Pink Venom” music video below.

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Source: YouTube