15+ Hottest And Coolest Moments From BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” Music Video That Almost Gave Us A Heart Attack

Which part did you keep on replaying?

BLACKPINK finally released their “Pink Venom” music video and it was jaw-dropping from start to finish! Each member had stunning visuals, vocals, rap, and dance.

Check out some of the coolest and hottest parts of the MV below!

1. When Jennie slammed through the wall

First up, Jennie grabbed everyone’s attention with her opening scene, especially when she dropped her mask.

2. When she showed why she’s the main rapper

Her rap was a gift from above.

3. When Jisoo played the geomungo 

She’s a classic beauty playing a classic instrument.

4. And when the camera zoomed in

Her face card never declines.

Jisoo | BLACKPINK/YouTube

5. When Rosé played the electric guitar

A rock & roll Rosé is something we didn’t know we needed.

6. And when she grabbed the venom

Her expressions are always top notch.

7. When Lisa killed it in the second verse

Her rap is close to an art form.

8. And when her abs were right there

Her toned physique made us stop in our tracks.

9. When Lisa and Jennie made a rap duo comeback

It was the cherry on top of everything.

10. And when Jisoo and Rosé slayed the bridge

Their vocals are out of this world!

11. When Jennie served full body visuals

She made fans go crazy in her blue outfit.

12. And when she wore smokey makeup

It’s her hottest look, hands down.


13. When Jisoo sat on her throne

She’s a queen through and through.

14. And when Rosé and Jennie gave the best expressions

Rosé’s gaze? Jennie’s scrunched nose? We love them.

15. When Lisa killed the point dance

There’s a reason why Lisa said she does the venom pose best!

16. And when everyone was together

OT4 is too powerful for words.

17. When the dance break started

It’s their hardest one yet.

18. And when the song ended on a high note

And finally, they concluded the performance with as much as energy as they started with, and their experience was evident!

Check out the (arguably) best parts of each member in the “Pink Venom” music video below.

Each BLACKPINK Member Had An Iconic Scene In The “Pink Venom” Music Video, And We Can’t Stop Replaying Them

Source: YouTube