The Top 3 Times BLACKPINK Incorporated Their Culture Into Their Music—And Created A Huge Buzz

They never disappoint 💗

BLACKPINK has long been a champion of Korean and Thai culture, incorporating elements of these into K-Pop fashion, melodies, music videos, and more.

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Check out some memorable examples of this below!

1. “Pink Venom”

The girls recently released the first music video teaser of their upcoming pre-single “Pink Venom.” Though only a few seconds long, it was enough to hype up fans to the extreme.

It also gave them a sneak peek into their plan to mix traditional Korean sounds with modern beats through the use of a traditional zither, a geomungo.

Geomungo | Britannica

Like how the woman in the teaser demonstrated, it is played by using a pluck and one’s hand.


Discussions surrounding it popped up online as a result of the teaser and BLINKs were happy to share their knowledge about it.

2. “How You Like That”

Arguably the most iconic BLACKPINK stage outfit of all time is their set of hanboks from “How You Like That.” Trending online and being praised far and wide, it was a strong start to their The Album era.

Fans loved their respectful yet fashionable take on the clothing. It retained the basic design of the hanbok while giving it an edge with the cut of fabrics and accessories used.

Originating from the Three Kingdoms period in the 6th century, hanboks were the daily garments of Koreans with versions for both men and women.

The Hanbok | NPR

BLACKPINK’s stage outfits were further customized based on the designs of Danha Seoul. Because of them, her business boomed tremendously.

Jennie wore the dopo style hanbok which is slightly longer than this one. And they cut it up to here and made the bottom part a skirt. That’s how they customized it. They made it shorter so it’s better for the performance.

— Danha

The idea of using modern hanboks came from the members themselves, with Jisoo saying, “We usually decide on things through a meeting. All of us brought over similar ideas, proposals. [We said that] we want to show Korean culture in a music video.”


Finally, Lisa incorporated the Thai culture into her “LALISA” solo. The Thailand native actively included artistic elements into her choreography, sets, and outfits.

I had wanted to put in the vibes of my homeland, Thailand, into ‘LALISA.’ I said that I wanted to produce the song in a Thai-style, and I was thankful that Teddy oppa did so. I also added traditional Thai dance and wore Thai clothing. I think people will be fascinated that it’s in Thai style.

— Lisa

Lisa’s brilliant gold dress was a modern take on the traditional sabai (breast shawl) and zin (sarong wrap).


The headgear that she wore with it became a huge trend in Thailand right away, with shopkeepers rushing to fulfill the surge in demand.

A lot of people have been ordering from us via our online shop, while here at the shop, we’ve had a constant flow of customers coming up to us, showing interest every day, the whole day, asking what kind of headgear we have, what style, what color.

— Store Employee Samorn Suthiwong

| Reuters

Whatever they do, BLACKPINK always seems to create a buzz!

Source: Reuters