BLACKPINK’s Hanbok Designer Reveals Business Is Booming, Here’s By How Much

“We’ve seen a tremendous increase in sales.”

The designer of BLACKPINK‘s “How You Like That” hanboks has revealed even more information about her creations. YouTuber David from DKDKTV interviewed her in a video released on July 13.

Designer Danha Seoul started gaining mass attention after members Jennie and Rosé were seen sporting black and pink shin-hanboks in the pre-release single’s dance break.

We hit the most amount of visitors [on our website] the day the music video was released.

Danha dispelled the theory that she partnered with YG Entertainment because of her connections. Rather, the company was the one who contacted them to buy these articles of clothing two weeks before the music video was released.

We were just listening to music on the way back from a drive when we got a call. ‘Oh, this is BLACKPINK’s stylist team. We called because we need a hanbok’. They first implied that they wanted sponsorship for the outfits. After the call, my friend and I were like, ‘BLACKPINK? Did you hear that?’

Their disbelief soon turned into awe, and the brand jumped at the chance to collaborate with the company.

When they gave us the call and told us it was final, we both knew we had to do it. Initially they picked out some items and told us what they wanted for the sponsorship, but I said, ‘No, I have to send them everything’. So I picked out everything I liked and sent it to them.

Danha personally picked the outfits sent to BLACKPINK.

As fans noticed from the website, the final outfits of Jennie and Rosé were different from what Danha is selling online. BLACKPINK’s stylists had to alter the hanboks to make them wearable for dancing.

The outfits needed to be cut and fitted, so they decided to purchase the outfits instead [of having them sponsored]…They made it shorter so it’s better for the performance.

Jennie’s outfit in “How You Like That” (left) and a similar outfit without alterations (right).

Danha’s company is now seeing a boost in interest thanks to BLINKs. Visitors from the U.S make up more than half of the site’s traffic, with the rest coming from Europe and Asia.

The hanbok worn by BLACKPINK was originally sold in our online shop. Currently, on average, our international store has 3,000-4,000 new visitors per day. Domestically speaking, on our good days, what was it? 10,000 visitors in a single day.

Jennie’s own outfit, the dopo style hanbok (outer clothes noblemen used to wear), is all sold out.

The item that is currently on sale right now is the jeogori style, and the dopo style is completely sold out. Currently, the orders are on fire in both Korea and overseas. Jennie’s effect is amazing, I love you!

Better yet, the interest in her brand has drummed up a noticeable increase in their sales.

We have seen a tremendous increase in our overseas sales. Visitors purchased different items purely because of their interest in our hanboks.

Danha thanks BLACKPINK for their support and celebrity effect.

Thanks to BLACKPINK and their significant influence, I’ve been contacted by the media and I’ve received many interview requests. I’m most amazed at how the Korean word ‘hanbok’ has become such a big issue.

If you want to find out more secrets that Danha shared, check out the full video below!