Here’s Everything You Need To Know About BLACKPINK’s Korean Hanbok Outfits In “How You Like That” MV

Royal outfits for royalties indeed! 💖

On June 26, 2020 6PM KST, BLACKPINK dropped the long-awaited “How You Like That”…

… and since then, the internet has been wildly obsessed with the audio, the video, and the A+ fashion! Specifically, BLINKs are 100% mesmerized by these modern hanbok outfits from the final fierce-AF dance break.

Jennie and Rosé both look like royalty in the silky goodness from the hanbok brand @Danha_Seoul…

… only befitting their absolute K-Pop queen statuses!

In their Instagram story, Danha celebrated the members slaying the chic-fusion designs in the music video.

“Danha with BLACKPINK’s comeback”

Then, followed by a YouTube video, the brand revealed that YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK’s stylists purchased the hanbok outfits and worked them into the music video.

YouTube @danhalog “CEO_VLOGㅣBlackpink x DanhaㅣBlackPink Jennie Rose Hanbok Outfits” 

Jennie and Rosé wore some designs from our shop. (They bought the outfits, we didn’t sponsor them.) We heard that the members loved the hanbok outfits, yay!

— Danha

These cool outfits are on sale at Danha’s website for some hundred dollars…

Danha’s Online Shop

… rightfully named after BLACKPINK members who modeled the heck out of them!

How do we like these? We like them to the moon and back.

Watch Danha’s blog here, in which the designer works on a new hanbok vest for Jennie:

Source: THEQOO